Because the Black headed gulls are always around on the the cliff, I tend not to study them too closely. It took a visiting friend in July 2002 to point out to me that some of them were in fact Terns!

The birds are usually seen fishing off the local cliff, but the picture on the left was taken (July 2003) just along the coast at Lymington.

The first Terns we saw were Common Terns, but I later discovered that many of the birds fishing off the Barton breakwaters are in fact Sandwich Terns.

In August 2003 I was lucky enough to spot this young Common Tern resting on a post at the end of a strong point.

These Pictures will enlarge slightly.

In June 2013 this bird came and hovered beside us over the edge of lagoon. To see it so close and at head height was a real privilege

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Photographs - June 2013