Considering how many of these little birds there are around, it is quite hard to get close to one. They are usually to be seen in Winter, in huge flocks, feeding on the mud flats at low tide at the river estuaries either side of us here on the South Coast of England.

This particular bird was photographed at Lymington.

The picture on the right, with a Redshank in the background for size comparison, will enlarge slightly.

Photographs (right and above) - January 2004

In May 2005 we were lucky enough to come across a few Dunlin at Keyhaven in Summer Plumage. What is more, one bird was relatively close, enabling me to get these shots illustrating the Dunlin's very different Summer plumage.

Photographs (left and below) - May 2005

Just to add to the confusion, the juvenile Dunlin on the right looks different again!

Photographs (right) - September 2005

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