We have no real woodland close to the garden so it was a rare privilege to be visited by this powerful looking bird. Perhaps not the brightest coloured specimen, but at least it was good enough to pause in a sunny spot long enough for me to get a picture before flying on its (probably her) way. Three weeks later we saw a male on the local cliff face and there have been occasional sightings since.

Photograph - October 2002

The bird below left called by in early February but each time flew straight into this distant Oak Tree, in order to demonstrate how well the camouflage works!


However the one on the right probed around the lawn just long enough for a quick snap through the window. This one will enlarge quite well.

Photograph - February 2003

Photograph - January 2005

Sightings of this bird have continued to be spasmodic. The pattern is usually similar - forage in the grass for a while and then move on. This particular individual did much the same but also made use of that long bill to probe the gaps between the paving slabs. I have no idea whether this was successful.

Photograph (left) - December 2012

This rather different-looking Autumn visitor is a juvenile. It spent a good while probing the lawn before moving on. These pictures too will enlarge.

Photographs - September 2008

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