The Grey Heron has occasionally been seen flying by along the local cliff, but this picture was taken at Keyhaven. It was doing its statue impression on a distant island in some flooded fields and was still there half an hour later.

Herons also nest in the trees bordering our model flying site, and fequently put on flying displays for us. So far though, I have only managed to photograph them from a distance.

Photograph (above) December 2002.

Photograph (above) April 2003

And yet another Heron, this time resting on the opposite bank of a local river. Again, when we reurned half an hour later, it appeared not to have stirred itself.

Photograph (left) May 2003

I just missed getting a close-up of the Heron below at Keyhaven, standing on a nearby bank. The flying shot was a good consolation though and, when it alighted in the water, it was still in reasonable range. These three pictures will enlarge.

Photographs (above) May 2003

The bird below flew over our garden one gloomy December day and alighted on a neighbour's roof. Presumably to survey the fishponds in the area. These pictures will enlarge a bit, too.

Photographs (above) December 2006

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