From time to time we see birds perch in the top of our hedge, launch off apparently in pursuit of an insect and return to their perch. This behaviour immediately made me think of flycatchers but, for several years, I was unable to convince myself that the bird in question was anything other than a House Sparrow.

In August 2004 though, in the middle of a heavy rain shower, I saw this bird sheltering in our garden. This time there was no fly catching going on but I did manage to get this streaky picture through the rain-lashed window. The concensus of opinion amongst more expert friends is that this is indeed a spotted flycatcher.

It was nearly three years before I got another opportunity. This time it was not raining and the bird spent nearly three hours in the garden, darting out from a variety of perches catching insects over the lawn. The pictures below will enlarge slightly.

Photographs - May 2007

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