The maiden flight of my 2011/2012 Winter build. The model isn't quite finished but it is always good to know that it flies right before spending time on the detailing.

In September 2012, we managed to get toegether the three Grosvenor House Comets built so far as part of the RCGroups multiple build thread. Of course, we had to try to get all three in the air at the same time! Our main concerns were to avoid inadvertently 'swapping models' in midair - and of course to make sure that we kept well apart.

So the resulting lack of any attempt at close formation flying doesn't make the best video spectacle, but it does record what I believe was an all-time first. Maybe next year we may muster more DH88s than De Havilland ever produced!

Thanks to Daniel (son of one of the Comet builders) for shooting the video.