Once again, thanks to Dave Blandford for these clips of my Ivan Pettigrew Sealand flying from grass.

This shaky video footage (it was a very small boat!) shows Mike and myself enjoying a splash around in Christchurch harbour, showing that we still need more practice at the splash ‘n’ go technique.

This onboard video, was shot with an 808 #16 keyfob camera at our new flying site at Longham in Dorset. I've spared you some of my 'splash and go' attempts. Suffice to say that my score was actually 1 out of 4, not 50% as implied by the video - but when you've seen one bounce you've seen them all!

And another onboard video over Longham (same camera but with a later firmware build). This time including a first try at getting some air-to-air footage.