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P47 Thunderbolt Diary - May 2014

Once the various cockpit bits and pieces had been made and the cockpit interior painted, there were several trial fitting sessions.

Finally, everything was glued in position and then the canopy could be fitted. I used cut off dressmaking pins, with a dab of cyano, to hold the rear edge of the canopy in place against the concave razorback

Tim Calvert of Model Markings is a clubmate so he provided the decals. He also kindly painted the cowl for me.

The gaping hole at the front of the cowl makes some sort of dummy engine essential. I sourced one from Vortex Vacforms. It is not strictly accurate but it was the only one I could find which would fit in the cowl (only just!) and had a crankcase of sufficient diameter to clear the motor (again, only just!)

A backing plate of 1/8in Lite Ply was glued to the motor and then fretted out. Notice the trimming of the sides, necessary to enable the engine to be maneuvered into position through the front aperture of the cowl.

The rim around the chin of the engine was made from balsa. This might have to be fitted after the engine is inserted into the cowl, but before the assembly is glued in place - all very awkward.

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