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Duck Twin Diary - December 2014

Having finally made my mind up about the battery location, a box was made to take a 3s 2200mah LiPo pack. The box slides between cross members and is held in place at the top by two screws accessible through the top hatch.

A plate slides over the battery with a block of wood to retain the battery in the box. The plate in turn is restrained by a cross member on the inside of the hatch cover, which is secured by a ply tongue at the front and two pairs of magnets at the rear.

Another point of indecision surrounded the wiring of the ESCs and receiver, i.e. should they live in the fuselage or the wing? Eventually I settled on mounting the receiver on the underside of the wing, and letting the ESCs dangle on the motor wires. This means that a rather substantial snake of wires has to be threaded through the fuselage as the wing is fitted, so a 1/16in balsa shelf was fitted to support them and avoid them getting tangled up with the elevator servo extension lead which runs under the shelf.

Once the wires are threaded through, the ESCs are pressed onto Velcro pads on the inside of the fuselage sides.

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