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Duck Twin Diary - November 2014

I decided to mount the motors using the supplied cross mounts. As you can see, they are quite a tight fit in the nacelles and, by the time a few cooling holes have been fretted out, there's not much left of the firewall.

Once the captive nuts had been positioned, they had to be ground back a bit in order to fit within the nacelle sides.

Although the cross mount diameter is slightly greater than the spinner diameter, I reckoned that it should just about be possible to insert the motor through the cowl ring. I have used this approach before and it avoids the need for a detachable cowl and also enables the firewall-to- fuselage side joint be supported from the front as well as the rear - in this case by triangle stock.

Although all worked out well enough in the end, there wasn't a lot of room to spare and getting the motors in and out is a bit of a fiddle. A section of the nacelle underside has been left detachable (at least for now) to give access to the wiring.

Covering of the Canard and central fairing was fairly straightforward, but I agonised for some time over the attachment of the winglets. In the end, I fixed them with double sided tape and a carbon pin at the trailing edge. The outer face of the winglet was covered after it was attached.

The winglets are easily snagged, so it will be interesting to see how long it is before they get knocked off.

Of course the same applies, only more so, to the tip fins on the main wing, but that's a dilemma for another day.

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