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Duck Twin Diary - October 2014

First, a few more pictures of the wing and aileron construction.

The last bit of the wing was the centre section of the trailing edge. Because this takes the wing fixing bolt, I felt the need to use the ends of a couple of cocktail sticks to reinforce the joint.

The basic fuselage construction is pretty simple, the main challenge being to resist beefing up the structure around the wing seat area, since this is well behind the required cg position so the more weight added here, the further the battery migrates towards the nose.

The main gear is formed from two separate legs, each incorporating a short transverse section to act as a torque rod. The tailwheel is a simple commercial item, but the width of the mounting plate meant that a spacer had to be inserted between the fuselage sides at the rear. I opted to use a piece of 1/4in x 1/8in spruce and extend it vertically to support the fin.

The decision to use a single, central elevator servo meant that there was an elevator joiner rod to be negotiated when fitting the central trailing edge piece. Fortunately, there is fairing to be added later over the top of this center section so I was able to add small pieces of plywood above and below to reinforce the joint.

I borrowed the fin construction method from the P47. However, this fin is slimmer so the framework had to be sanded down to almost nothing at the leading edge. Fortunately, I found an offcut of firm 1/32in balsa for the skins so the framework could be left just a little thicker than if I had used 1/16in balsa as originally planned.

The rudder build is very simple and quick, the 1/16in balsa core giving a well defined trailing edge.

The fuselage is still pretty flexible but, at the moment, everything seems to be lining up pretty well.

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