The Sparrows continue to be the main users of the feeders, with Blue Tits, Robins and even the more adventurous of the Dunnocks taking their turns. The Starlings and Blackbirds seem to be in the garden in greater numbers than earlier in the Winter, and will visit the tables or pick up what is dropped from the feeders. Crows and Magpies are around as much as usual plus of course the ever-present Woodpigeons.

Less frequent this month have been the Great Tits, Coal Tits and Greenfinches, but we were favoured by the Collared Dove, Chaffinch, Song Thrush, Wren and Longtailed Tits - just the one visit in each case. The Blackcap, first seen in December, returned on a couple of occasions towards the end of January, but continued to evade the camera, I'm afraid. No sign of the Green Woodpecker this month though.

January 2003