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June 2004: Ikarus Shock Flyer added to the Indoor section

April 2004: Capiche 50 Aerobatic model added to the Sport Aerobatic section

January 2004: Century Hummingbird indoor electric helicopter added.

The latest models to be added to the site were the Walrus in the Indoor section and the Mikado Logo 10 helicopter. Since then, the only significant building activity was fitting retracts into a friend's half built FW190. Never having installed retracts into a foam wing before, this was an interesting exercise, but I am glad to report that the model (and in particular the undercarriage) has now survived its first few flights.

I have added a short piece on Lithium batteries to the Articles section, and some more flying shots of the Stearman (see Electric Scale) and Logo 10 (see Helicopters).